Krishna Beads Industries (KBI) is a pioneer in manufacturing of accessories inclusive of scarves, stoles, pareos, imitation jewellery, and so on, for various leading brands across the globe, in countries like USA, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands. With headquarters in Mumbai, office space in Noida and a sourcing office in China, we have emerged as one of India’s leading export houses for accessories.


It has been a long and fruitful journey for KBI from the small town of Firozabad, where it was founded by Mr.Babulal Gupta in November, 1970, venturing into glass beads distribution. With a positive mindset, immense confidence, and courage to think big, his family managed to push the business beyond boundaries and set the purpose as “Inspired by Passion”!

The export business was initiated by Mr.Krishna Gopal Maheshwari in early 1980s. It was a roller coaster ride and Krishna Beads Industries slowly grew its distribution network and expanded the business for beads, imitation jewellery, fashion accessories like bangles, earrings, etc.

A major turning point was the onboarding of Walmart as our first major client that gave us a great fillip in export of imitation jewellery. This milestone was the key reason behind us venturing into different verticals of the accessories segment in the coming years. Another significant development was the kickstart of scarf division in Mumbai, in 2007.

As a business, KBI supplied goods not only to importers, but, also to wholesalers. And with the scarves business established in Mumbai as well as the imitation jewellery business settled in Noida, we aggressively moved forward with various other product ranges like pareos, fabric bags, ponchos, leather accessories, beachwear, sarongs, belts, hair accessories, shawls, and more. Another major expansion was the launch of shoes business with a manufacturing unit setup in Vasai area of Mumbai.

Such continuous business expansion led to enhanced focus towards reengineering of systems and up-gradation of processes, to ensure highest standards are followed and KBI stays ahead of the competition.


Ensuring a solid foundation for our product-basedbusiness through enhanced distribution network, solid team work, quality supervision, desired customer orientation and reliable deliveries.


To create a technology-savvy and fully competent export business ecosystem that flaunts the ‘Make In India’ tag for products across the globe.



to team work, quality and service excellence


to customize and innovate for total customer satisfaction

Responsibility / Accountability

of business practices and services delivered


to continue business without compromising on our moral and ethical principles defined in code of ethics below


People and Relationships

thoroughly transparent and professional collaboration with Importers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Partners, and Clients.

Social Responsibility

being socially aware and contributing (in whatever capacity possible) towards betterment of the environment and society we live in.


safeguarding and securing the client information.

At KBI, our people are our greatest strengths. We have a team of over 1000+ employees with each one dedicated and aligned towards the vision & mission of KBI, under the guidance of our dynamic leadership team as under.


A dynamic business tycoon, an avid learner and a travel enthusiast, Mr. Krishna Maheshwari is a hands on founder at the helm of Krishna Beads Industries, active since last 3 decades. Coming from a humble background in north of India, KG (how he is popularly known), has made his mark in beads, immitation jewellery, and other fashion accessories. He has been the driving force for KBI and an ideal inspiration for the current generation to follow suit.

His mission is life it to make life beautiful. And what better mission could be than enhancing the beauty of God’s most beautiful creation, Women. One of the most striking personality traits of KG is that, he is open to learning and exploring even after having an established business across continents. He regularly deals with top brands in western world.

His hobbies include, traveling, meeting new people and spending time with family. A bundle of energy, shuffles between Delhi and Mumbai every week with a spearheading mission of taking KBI to the next level.


If someone has stood by the KBI company and its objective for years, it has been Mrs Rani Maheshwari. She has effectively been a backbone for this company, and a pillar of support for Mr.Krishna Maheshwari. With the next generation joining in this business, she has always ensured unity in thinking and execution between the senior Maheshwari and his three sons. A true binding force that has held the family and business together for several decades!


As a Director & Head – Business Process Re-engineering at KBI, Mr.Prashant defines the road map for all technology and innovation with a vision to leverage technology to solve all existing business concerns. Under his dynamic leadership, KBI is all set to create a global footprint as a leading fashion accessory export house.

From the business perspective, he is responsible for the fabric bags division at KBI, increasing profitability, expanding the product portfolio and clientele base, as well as identifying strategic locations geographically for new business development.

He has introduced various platforms increasing group work & knowledge management & is responsible for managing the complete life cycle of KBI’s customers spanning across multiple functions of Implementation, Product Service Operations, Customer Success Management, Business Process Automation& Performance based solutions.


As a CEO, Mr.Pulkit Maheshwari flagged off a new beginning at KBI for the scarf business in 2007, and its success eventually gave the confidence to spread our wings into other verticals.

Pulkit is responsible for developing and executing the KBI strategy for partner acquisition and management with a focus on research for innovative product designs & prints, identifying customer buying behaviour and trends for upcoming seasons.

He is primarily responsible to build out strategy for alliance partners, acquisition of new clients globally and managing loyalty partnership with the existing partners / customers. Under his guidance the company has been able to increase the revenue and retailer association ensuring communication collaterals are consistent and as per the client’s quality standards.

For all business propositions, partnerships he can be contacted at pulkit@krishnabeads.com


The youngest star of the Maheshwari clan, Pratul Maheshwari, joined the business in 2012. With high expectations to fulfill right from day 1 of joining office, Pratul has managed to prove time and again that he belongs here. He has never been shy of gaining exposure in any business segment – an asset that has resulted in him gaining great experience with jewellery segment, and later moving on to scarves category.
He handled the KBI China office for almost two years, took complete control of sales division and always walked the extra mile to get additional business. His ability to adjust to the workings of different business segments enabled him to kick start a whole new category – in the form of shoes. In 2015-16, Pratul took ownership for a manufacturing unit based out of Mumbai area (Vasai), to ensure a clear business roadmap for the shoes product category.

With world class facilities of Production, Quality, Audit & Marketing, we are proud to have fully compliant facilities and production factories that meet global standards. We are certified as per universally accepted ISO 9001-2008 standards.

We take pride in stating that we are fully certified as per the global standards by Walmart, Target, JC Penny, CTPAT, BSCI, SEDEX – making us a socially compliant, ‘green’ and MAKE IN INDIA Company.

The constant need for change to meet up with the pace at which KBI expands its businesses has led to committed focus on upgrading our systems and processes, with new technologies and innovation at the heart of it! We rely on a strong foundation for infrastructure, that can be scaled up on-demand to meet the sudden rise in demand for our products / services. Being a company with massive global reach, we need sourcing locations and business locations to be identified and ready to handle business expansions of any size.

KBI Headquarters

MUMBAI (Scarves and Shoes)

KBI Branch Offices

NOIDA (Jewellery, Bags, and Scarves)

KBI Sourcing Office


Some of the key awards and recognition events in history of KBI are listed under:


KBI won the ‘Best Exporter Award’ at Export Promotion Council


Mr.Krishna Gopal Maheshwari got appointed as the President of IFJAS (Indian Fashion Jewellery & Accessories Show)


Won the ‘Top Export Award’ form Export Promotion Council of India, at the 20th Handicrafts Export Awards